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Fraser Wood getting the job done!

Andrew Perrin, 2nd October 2017

FRASER WOOD GETTNG THE JOB DONE When things are difficult, everyone likes to know that their efforts are appreciated, even much maligned Estate Agents! The following are examples of a few comme...

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Why use an established High Street agent compared to online?

Julie Stone, 25th September 2017

In a blog, the Consumer group Which? pointed out a few issues we should consider when deciding which agent to choose. Fraser Wood, as an established high street agent, pride ourselves in being co...

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September is the New January

Julie Stone, 18th September 2017

September is the new January….. No – not because the weather has turned to Winter Already! Listening to the radio the other morning, it appears that the new New Year is now Septemb...

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"Once again I thank all who have worked on the sale .... Carol has been most helpful keeping us up with the progress of the sale ..I understand the difficulties I present being in Australia and appreciate all the help given. Thank you to all the team."