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Black Country Food Bank

Chris Tapper, 11th March 2019

Every Year Fraser Wood tries to raise money for charity, last year we supported Acorns Childrens Hospice and this year we are supporting several charities but one of them is the Black Country Fo...

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Challenging Times

Andrew Perrin, 1st February 2019

It could certainly be classed that these are challenging times at present, with news in the press of impending doom and gloom in the housing market, but we would consider that we have a market whic...

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Remembering Alan Gough RIP

Diane Hanley, 4th January 2019

Remembering Alan Gough, especially today, and particularly his sense of humour. We always try and start off each day with a smile in memory of Alan - here's one for today which we know he w...

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"Can we just say a big thank you for all you have done ."

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