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First Impressions are key

First Impressions are key

Julie Stone, 5th May 2016

A question we get asked a lot at Fraser Wood, an estate agent walsall is, “What do I need to do to make my property more sellable?”

It’s a great question!

The trick is to remember that first impressions are extremely important. - Your viewer has found a property that fits their criteria. They are keen to see the property, their hopes are high.

Bump - They arrive at the property and the lawn needs mowing. There are shoes and toys in the porch. The general appearance is disappointing before they cross the threshold - Inside the living room is untidy. The washing up is in the sink and the ironing on the kitchen table. The beds are not made and the bathroom needs cleaning...Wow, does the Vendor actually want to let this property?

Yes, this is probably a little OTT but you you get the gist I am sure.

Three simple things to think about when creating a first Impression that gets results when trying to sell your property:

1. Mowed lawn
2. Flower beds free of weeds
3. A blooming hanging basket


Although seemingly small things they all contribute towards a visitor thinking “wow, this person takes pride in their property. I want to see inside this property now!” Once they get inside here’s 4  things that really help :

1. Scented candles burning
2. Rooms free of clutter
3. Kitchen and bathroom clean
4. Beds made

Now, if the property were a new house, the prospective purchasers would be looking around a showhome. Take a leaf out of the Builders book and ‘dress’ the property. It does not cost a fortune - Touch up any paintwork that may be scuffed, hoover the carpets, put out fresh flowers and re-grout around the bath, wash basin and shower if needed….and de-clutter.

Putting the coffee pot on is never a bad idea either ;)

Remember, you have one chance to make a good impression..use it. If you would like one to one help when letting your property then click this link for an estate agent walsall who can really make the difference.

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