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Julie Stone, 3rd April 2017

I would imagine there are a lot of people who would say ‘a deal’ on fees is their priority.

Let us look into this in a little more detail and then decide where maybe your priorities should lie.

How many times do we hear the comment: ‘buying and selling a house is the biggest financial commitment most people  will  ever  make’. The other saying is ‘you get what you pay for’.

I would obviously not recommend that you choose to pay some of the extortionate fees some agents charge, however, before making a decision solely on fees it would be pertinent to check all the hidden costs and check out exactly what they may be doing for their fee.

Maybe I am biased but I would always put peace of mind as my priority. Oh, and trust!

Obviously we expect our agent to sell our property and hope that they will use all the tools available to them. You would expect your property to be mailed out from their applicant database. You would expect your property to  be advertised in the local press, on the Agents’ website and websites such as Rightmove.

On attending a valuation the other day I was told that when showing a local agent around their property for a valuation, the agent made a point of advising the gent that they were aggressive. That’s  great , but does aggression sell properties? Most purchasers cannot be forced into purchasing, they are capable of making up their own mind. Too much aggressive marketing can sometimes be quite off putting!

How comforting would it be to know that not only was the Agent doing everything possible to sell your property, but if there were a problem , that the people you will be paying would have enough knowledge to know how to solve the problem and give the correct advice.

When deciding which Agent to choose, try and think ‘outside the box’. Does the agent know the area? Not from Google maps but because they have been valuing in your area for a number of years.

Will the agent know of any potential problems in the area? Sulphate attack for example. Can they advise what to do if there is a short lease remaining on a leasehold property?

Will your chosen agent continue talking to you once the board is up and the marketing has commenced? It’s easy to speak to a client when the interest is there, but what if there has been no interest at all? Your Agent should be talking to you anyway and discussing strategies. It is not up to you to contact them.

Fraser Wood, your local Walsall Estate Agent, can offer you help and advice on most areas of buying and selling your property. Our priorities are not psychedelic window displays, fancy cars or the latest gimmicks. We offer sound advice based on our knowledge and experience in the property market.

We have over 100 years’ experience between us in the sales department alone. All agents can shout from a great height about the wonderful service they give, but there is a lot to be said for choosing an agent with a solid track record who is steadfastly prepared to go the ‘extra mile’ for you. There is a lot to be said for good old fashioned values! (Obviously mixed with latest technology!)

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