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On  A Hot Garage Roof!

On A Hot Garage Roof!

Anonymous, 24th April 2017

 Trapped on a garage roof

We had a big flat that was above some shops approached from the rear carpark. Access was down the side of a block of garages with a gate leading to the steps up to the flat. I had already been pre warned the gate was tricky, so I wedged the gate open ready to show the potential tenants around. The viewers turned up on time and we showed them the redecorated property, everything seemed to be going well until it was time to leave, someone had closed the gate and it wouldn’t open from our side. In the end I had to climb down the steps on to the garage roofs in my new suit and crawl down to the other side so I could drop down to the other side and open the gate from the other side. When we did have a tenant ready to move in the gate lock was changed.

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