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Surveys and Valuations

You have seen the property you want and your offer has been accepted, now what?

You will need the reassurance that your dream home is worth the hard earned money.

Come to Fraser Wood - the most trusted chartered surveyors Walsall. We provide you with a valuation report on the general condition of the property and give you an accurate valuation which will allow you to move with confidence.

The surveys and valuations Fraser Wood offer include:
• Matrimonial Valuations
• Home Purchase Valuation Reports
• Schedules of Dilapidations
• Schedules of Condition
• Redevelopment Appraisals
• Fire Insurance Valuations

Call Stephen Smith, Steve Johnson or Elaine Lloyd on 01922 629000 now to discuss your requirements or email professional@fraser-wood.co.uk.

"Andrew, We are so pleased to have got there eventually! It has been a long process. Many thanks for the help and support of you and the team at FW."

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